Scrap Sorting & Recycling

Scrap Sorting and Recycling

The DELTA scrap sorting handheld XRF provides reliable identification in 1-2 seconds for most alloy grades and pure metals. It is designed for durability – to withstand the toughest environments. It is ideal for checking a wide variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, and plastics in seconds.

Configured with a standard package of 25+ elements, the DELTA generates alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds. From simple sorting to challenging grade separations, the DELTA provides highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and accurately identify pure metals and alloy grades.

Non-Ferrous Alloys

DELTA analyzers excel with ease at quick analysis and ID of stainless steels, Ni superalloys, and other high alloy materials. Sort out heavy alloys based on low levels of Si and Al content.

Low Alloy Steels

Verify residual content in steels. Confirm Si, S and P content, along with Mn and alloying element levels.

Aluminum & Light Alloy

With the technical advances of the DELTA analyzers, the range of light alloy capabilities continues to expand. Their outstanding Mg sensitivity enables you to confidently sort aluminum alloys once relegated to OES systems.


Sort out electronics components with precious metal content (Ag, Au, Pd, etc.). Separate and identify poisons and Pb-containing solders. Evaluate copper content in shredded materials.


Quickly sort out Pb-containing glass and glass-ceramic from recycling streams. Detect toxic elements.


Within seconds, separate brasses, bronzes, leaded alloys, and aluminum and silicon-containing alloys. Sort out Be-Copper using the DELTA's nominal chemistry feature

Precious Metals

The DELTA provides nondestructive chemistry analysis, in addition to karat determination. Gold, silver, and platinum alloys, and more can be tested confidently. The DELTA is available with an integrated camera and small spot collimation for detailed analysis of small pieces.

Car Catalysts

Olympus has partnered with industry experts to develop calibrations ideal for the analysis of auto catalyst materials for precious metal content, including Pd, Pt, and Rh.


Monitor the chemistry of slags during melts for quality control and furnace life prediction. Sort and evaluate recovered slags from different melt operations.
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